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Innocenzo Genna is an Italian minimalist pianist and composer. Raised in Recanati (Marche), Innocenzo started to learn classical music and piano from an old teacher while spending vacations at Adriatic sea at the age of 8. He continued his musical training with different teachers and piano schools while studying at Gymnasiun and then at the University of Macerata, where he graduated in law and become a lawyer. While moving in Italy and abroad for study and professional reasons, he combined his classical practice with modern music, blues and jazz, that he learned while playing in improvised bands, in piano bars and also in ballet schools. In this way he developed his skills further by arranging classical, jazz and pop music into his personal piano style. In 2007 he finally settled in Brussels where he got new creative inspiration through the contact with the dynamic and international ésprit of both town and European institutions, the creative Belgian surrealism, and also because of the climate. In 2016 he completed his first piano compositions collection “Brussels Stories”.

The piano compositions of Innocenzo Genna fall within the categories of minimalism and modern classic, with frequent combinations into blues and jazz. He is similarly conservative as a composer, for his music drawing heavily on harmonic and melodic practices found in 18th and 19th-century European compositions. His repertoire is freely accessible through his website and social networks such as Youtube and Soundcloud, while being available also on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Deezer.

Beside music, Innocenzo Genna is an expert of European regulation and policy in the areas of Internet and telecommunications. He manages the professional blog radiobruxelleslibera and he writes opinions for various newspapers such as La Stampa, Huffington Post and Il Foglio.

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