mar 07 settembre 2021

Innocenzo Genna at The Music Village Jazz Club in Brussels

After the Covid lockdown, Innocenzo Genna is back to live: he will perform at The Music Village Jazz Club in Brussels on 11 and 18 December 2021, at 5pm. The 2 concerts are part of the 2021 Jacqueries Celebrations. Innocenzo Genna will present his original piano music, including the latest Post Quarantine Piano, composed and recorded in Brussels during the corona lock-down.

lun 21 dicembre 2020

Innocenzo Genna releases a new album: Post Quarantine Music

Innocenzo Genna released his second musical album, entitled "Post Quarantine Piano". The new collection contains some old but unreleased songs, as well as some new compositions created during the lockdown period due to the Covid emergency. The title of the album is intended to be a good omen in view of a quick return to normal.

ven 02 ottobre 2020

Online performance at Covid Concert Hall

Innocenzo Genna performed a streaming concert for Covid Concert Hall, an event created to allow artists to perform online during the lockdown period due to the Covid pandemic. The artist has performed some of the most important compositions from the Brussels' Stories album, including "Athina" and "The evolution of the things"

dom 12 maggio 2019

Innocenzo Genna's music also on Instagram

Innocenzo Genna opened his official Instagram channel. From today his musical repertoire is freely accessible on this popular platform, in addition to Youtube, Soundcloud and Facebook. The "Brussels' Stories" album is also accessible through the most popular streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music and Deezer.

sab 06 ottobre 2018

Brussels Stories arrives to Palermo

Innocenzo Genna participated to the "Pianocity Palermo" music festival presenting and playing his album "Brussels Stories" as part of a concert that took place in Palazzo Mazzarino, in the historic center of the Sicilian capital.

dom 30 settembre 2018

New music compositions by Innocenzo Genna presented in Brussels

Innocenzo Genna presented new compositions, based on both minimalist and blues style, during a concert that took place at the Art Base in Brussels. The proceeds from the sale of the CDs were donated to charity, in favor of the Italian "Domus de Luna" non-profit organization which manages family homes in Sardinia to help women and children in distress.

ven 25 maggio 2018

Brussels' Stories is now available on streaming platforms

From May 25, 2018 Innocenzo Genna's album "Brussels Stories" is available on the main online streaming platforms: Spotify, I-Tunes, Google Play, Deezer and others. This streaming offer follows the availability of the other compositions by Innocenzo Genna on Youtube and Soundcloud.

mar 31 ottobre 2017

Concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

On October 31, 2017 Innocenzo Genna played in São Paulo at the Italian Circle, located in the Edificio Italia in Avenida Ipiranga. Numerous Italians and Brazilians attended the event, as well as a big representation of the Marchigian association in Brazil.

mar 03 ottobre 2017

Manifesto for copyright freedom in Italy

Innocenzo Genna has undersigned, together with more than 250 Italian artists, a Manifesto for an effective copyright management liberalization in Italy which would open the market not only to traditional collective societies (such as Sabam, GEMA, PRS ecc) bit also to innovative players organized also on a commercial basis. The Manifesto has been sent to Commissioner Gabriel who did not reply at all.

mer 20 settembre 2017

"Brussels' Stories" presented in Bruxelles

Innocenzo Genna presented his new and first CD "Brussels' Stories"  at an ad hoc concert at Art Base, In Bruxelles. The proceeds of the sale of the CDs have been destined to a commendable scope, namely the financement of "L'Arbre de la Vie", a Belgian charity dealing with women and children in distress.

sab 25 febbraio 2017

Concert in Milan, Libreria Feltrinelli

Innocenzo Genna perfomed in Milan at Feltrinelli Bookstore, in the frame of the Open Piano initiative

ven 25 novembre 2016

Performance at Gran Bal d'Italie in Brussels

Innocenzo Genna performed at the Grand Bal d'Italie which was held at the Circle Royale des Gaulois in Brussels, playing own original compositions as well as arrangements of music of Ennio Morricone

sab 19 novembre 2016

Lions' concert "Music for reconstruction"

The piano concert by Innocenzo Genna, organized by Lions Club Recanati Colle dell'Infinito and sponsored by the Municipality of Recanati, took place at the Centro Mondiale della Poesia. All proceeds from the event were donated to the earthquake victims of Marche-Umbria-Lazio and in particular for the benefit of the Village of Lions Corgneto Solidarity where 50 people from the Umbria-Marche earthquaked areas are currenlty housed.

sab 24 settembre 2016

Concert in Nice (France)

Innocenzo Genna performed in Nice (France) on September 24, 2016, at the Teatro Garibaldi of the Consulate General of Italy. The performance was connected to the exhibition of the artist Carlo Carli "Mediterranean: hope and tragedy"

gio 15 settembre 2016

Charity concert in Brussels for earthquaked Central Italy

Innocenzo Genna dedicated a piano concert to the victims of the Central Italy earthquake in Augist 2016 (the cachet of the artist have been paid to a bank account of the Region Marche to rise funds for the reconstruction of the affected areas). The concert took place at Art Base in Brussels. Due to the success and full-booking of this event, another concert with the same charity scope has been scheduled for Sunday, October 2nd, 2016, at 7pm.

mar 05 gennaio 2016

Concert at Teatro dell'Iride (Petritoli)

On January 5, 2016 Innocenzo Genna performed in Petritoli (Fermo) at the Iride Theater. The cocnert was organized by Lyons Clubs Valdaso Recanati Colle infinity, with the patronage of the town of Petritoli. The proceeds of teh event were donated to an establishment for protection of minors (Welcoming House) in the town of Montefilone.

gio 22 ottobre 2015

Concert in Turin for Infine Onlus

Innocenzo Genna performed in Turin at the Croce Foundation, as part of a concert aimed at raising funds for the charity Infine, a non-profit organization that deals with terminal illnesses. The concert was reviewed by La Stampa

ven 02 ottobre 2015

Charity Concert for Emergency

On October 2, 2015 Innocenzo Genna played in Brussels, at the Atelier Hastir, as part of a concert organized by Emergency to raise funds for refugees.

sab 21 marzo 2015

Concert in Cannes, 21 March 2015

On March 21, 2015 Innocenzo Genna performed in Biot (Cannes, France) at Severgnini Concert Hall. It was a private event.

ven 06 marzo 2015

Concert in Brussels, 6 March 2015

Innocenzo Genna performed at "Art Base", a well-known place for contemporary music ( He presented a new repertoire of minimalist piano and blues called "Black & White". Here are the details of the concert.

sab 17 gennaio 2015

Concert at Centro Mondiale della Poesia - Recanati

On January 17, 2015 Innocenzo Genna gave a concert at the Auditorium of the World Poetry Centre, in Recanati. The event was sponsored by the Alumni and Professors Association of the High School Giacomo Leopardi. The Municipality of Recanati reported the event, as well as various organs of the press, including Radio Erre, il Cittadino, the Resto del Carlino and the Corriere Adriatico.

ven 28 novembre 2014

Charity concert for "Informatici Senza Frontiere"

On November 28, 2014 Innocenzo Genna held a charity concert in Genoa (Italy). The proceeds from the concert were donated entirely to the NGO Informatici Senza Frontiere ( Digit@lians, the Italian network of digital professionals, and Metroweb SpA, a leading developer of metropolitan fiber optic networks, supported the event.

The newspapers Secolo XIX reported about the event.

lun 02 giugno 2014

College of Europe Concert

On June 2nd, 2014 Innocenzo Genna gave a concert for the College of Europe. The event took place at the Concert Hall of the State of Baden-Württemberg at the European Union, on the occasion of the Alumnus of the Year Award Ceremony

gio 10 aprile 2014

Piano in Emergency

On April 10, 2014, at 8pm, Innocenzo Genna played for the benefit of Emergency. The event took place in Brussels, at the Atelier Hastir Concert Hall

gio 14 novembre 2013

Concert for the Alumni Asssociation of the College of Europe

Concert reserved to Alumni of the College of Europe Association. The event took place at the Concert Hall of the Atelier Hastir in Brussels.

mer 30 ottobre 2013

Concert at San Marco Cafè - Triest

Innocenzo Genna performed at the Caffè San Marco in Trieste, a place full of history and charm - thanks again to Guido and Renata for the organization

mer 26 giugno 2013

Concert at the Italian Culture Institute

Innocenzo Genna performed at the Italian Culture Institute in Brussels. He played the latest repertoire, including the new entry "The evolution of things"

The programme of the event is here.

mar 25 dicembre 2012

Christmas 2012

A piano composition created in 2012 in the occasion of Christmas.
The pictures of the videoclip have been taken by Emanuela Tesselli in November/December 2011 in the North East of Brazil travelling with a no-profit Italian association. If you want to know more about this experience, please visit
This music is subject to a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND (Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works) license.

Happy Christmas everybody!

sab 13 ottobre 2012

Launch of the website

As from today, my music compositions are available also via my dedicated website!